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Mike Rickard is gonna make you ‘Sweat’

imageAtlanta singer-songwriter Mike Rickard celebrates his new CD “Sweat” with an early release party at Red Light Café on Saturday.

The CD, which Rickard says is full of songs that “have an immediate, in the moment feel to them in both the music and the lyrics,” officially becomes available Oct. 20 through Digital distribution on sites like iTunes is expected soon after the release.

In a departure from the mellow groove Rickard laid down to critical acclaim on “Stirred Not Shaken” in 2004, “Sweat” is chock full of musical hooks and catchy lyrics.

“So I’ll tell you how it is in case you haven’t heard / Life is just a now but living is a verb,” he croons on the song “Anything of Nothing.”

The title track from “Sweat” will also see an album version and dance remix single released. Keep an eye out for a concert tour to support “Sweat” in 2010.

The CD is produced by Mike Ofca, who has worked with a diverse clientele, from gay musician Eric Himan to Righteous B and Tom Goss, among many others.

If the grassroots success of “Stirred Not Shaken” is any indication (That CD stayed on the Outvoice Top 40 for more than a year, and Rickard was nominated for Outstanding Male Debut by Outmusic), gay Atlanta needs to give one of our own the props he deserves. Come meet Rickard at the release party, and be sure and treat yourself to this local boy’s new CD.

For more from Rickard about the CD, see what he has to say in his interview with David Atlanta.

Photo by Jay Rickard.

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