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Grade = A-

Genre – POP

I discovered this talented musician while browsing the OUT-and-PROUD section on and was captured by his quiet yet effective brand of music.

All songs on this 11 track CD were written by Mike and you can tell how personal these songs are in regards to his life. It starts out with a great pop tune called “Lucky” then you go on a journey through all styles of music. Mike Rickard has a slight sound resemblance in his song “Do You Know” to George Michael’s “Kissing A Fool” and also pure pop radio ready “Everything You Need” has a solid sound.

The star track by far is “Forgot To Forget”. This would be my first choice as a single. Just a great melody!

Mike strikes gold with the upbeat danceable “Natural” which is a clear winner. I really like his voice behind a dance beat but still keeping his quiet edge.

The song “Home For The Holidays” is a very meaningful and effective song but kind of moves a little slow.

Another pop pleasure is “Forever Ran Out Of Time” where the lyrics are what really got me on this one. Written with a very clever flare. Me being a hopeful song writer that really pays attention to lyrics, whenever someone is able to say familiar things in an unfamiliar way, I truly respect that. “Clock lost it’s hands and forever ran out of time”. Brilliant!

I would love to hear this guy rock it out a bit, maybe by putting a stronger upbeat backing to a song or two. Maybe on his second CD? We’ll see!

MuzicBuff’s choices for singles

1. Forgot To Forget

2. Natural

3. Forever Ran Out Of Time

4. Lucky

5. Everything You Need

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