Mike Rickard Makes Us Sweat Again

June 29, 2013 by  

This review reprinted from Alan Ilagan.

My pal Mike Rickard just released his remix EP entitled ‘Dance Til You Sweat’ – a take-off on his original ‘Sweat’ album, from which these songs were culled. Continuing on that hot and sweaty theme, this is a collection designed to make you dance, with a pumping thread of dance beats that sonically unifies everything at work.

Too many remix projects sacrifice the melody for a throbbing beat, losing the integrity of the song in service of a seamless, soulless pounding. Rickard does the impossible by retaining the meat of his songs while giving them a driving renovation. The original ‘Sweat’ album was made to be remixed, and he’s finally done it, serving up a perfectly paced EP of some of the strongest cuts. The best part is that the songs remain largely intact, keeping their deeper messages (how to keep a long-term relationship hot and new, and the things that make up for that, as evidenced in ‘When the Hot Cools Down’) as well as their melodic magic (the gorgeous bridge and breakdown of ‘Only Love’) but also expanding their purpose. You can usually tell when a musician is involved in their remixes – it’s more organic, and it sounds much better. Mr. Rickard has seen to that on ‘Dance Til You Sweat’ – an EP that sets up the follow-up question perfectly: what will come next?

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