Talk To Me Tuesday 2012 #3

July 31, 2012 by  

Welcome to the latest edition of Talk To Me Tuesday, where you’ll find out more details on the new remix music project. Plus I answer the question, “What would you do if you were out with a group of friends who want to eat at Chick-Fil-A?” Please post a comment/question below or on YouTube.

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2 Responses to “Talk To Me Tuesday 2012 #3”
  1. Loving the clips from the new CD!

    Question: It seems like yesterday that the Olympic Games were here and Atlanta and many Atlantans are currently demonstrating symptoms of Olympic Fever…are you? If creating a music CD were an Olympic-type competition, in what discipline would you medal? Lyrics, music, marketing, live performances, or something else?

  2. Admin says:

    Thanks for the question, Travis. I’ll answer it in the upcoming Talk To Me Tuesday.

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