I love British singers!

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I love music – all kinds of music.  And I still buy a lot of it.  And I love to see live music.  And lately, it’s all about the British (female) singers.

This Friday night, we’re going to see Florence and the Machine.  I loved her disc ‘Lungs,’ so I’m really looking forward to seeing her live.  She’s just the right mix of edgy, weird and ballsy that I like.  Should be a terrific show.

On Friday, July 12th, I’ll once again get to see the incomparable Sade.  I have every CD she’s released, have seen her in concert 2 or 3 times before, and look forward to another spectacular show.  I think many people will agree – a Sade concert is practically a religious experience.  She is one of the most classy, talented artists I can think of.  While I love all of her music, her CD ‘Love Deluxe’ is a soundtrack album in my life.  Songs like No Ordinary Love, Kiss of Life, Pearls, and (my all time favorite) Cherish the Day show a woman/artist of true depth.

Of all the music I’ve bought in the last year, none of it has resonated with me like Adele’s ‘21.’  I was a fan from the first time I saw the “Chasing Pavements” video from her ‘19′ album.  So I bought ‘19′ and while there were songs I liked, I thought the disc was a bit uneven.  ‘21′ is a flat out classic – every song is terrific and her voice is a true gift.  Adele is a true artist and I love everything about her.  I love the fact that she’s low profile, that she’s not another “Amy Winehouse,” that she’s not rail thin.  She’s just a normal girl who happens to be exceptionally talented.  We were supposed to see her live a few weeks ago, but she had to postpone the last part of her tour due to laryngitis.  She’s rescheduled Atlanta for October 7th and I can’t WAIT!

So who are you really into right now?  And who are you going to see live in the next few months?

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